'It is an inescapable fact that, typically, women can get Korsakoff 's in their mid-thirties, men in their forties'

Clive Oldridge
Korsakoff's - learn more
Wernicke's Korsakoff's Syndrome (WKS) is known by the medical profession but it is also misunderstood. A common example is that it is not unusual in our experience that - even when it is known that a person has Korsakoff's - they may be questioned by medical staff and all their answers are believed. 

This means that often the medical profession have to make judgements on false information.

Our aims are:
1. to try and answer questions for those who are effected, and also to advise relatives.
2. to assist the medical profession with Korsakoff's in practice.
3. to make people aware of  the possible consequences of excess alcohol.
This is a personal website the aim of which is to share information to assist those who have Korsakoff's.

We do not claim medical knowledge - only many years experience of supporting people who have been diagnosed with alcohol related brain damage.

​We are experts by experience.

Clive Oldridge

Milan Mores